The Essence of Nursing

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The essence of nursing

By Melissa A. Fitzpatrick
Putting basic nursing care back in the spotlight means emphasizing
high-touch care in today’s high-tech, evidence-based care environment.

Creating the environment for nursing excellence

By Lillee Gelinas
Learn how nursing leaders and staff can collaborate to create an
environment where the essence of nursing thrives.

Enhance patient engagement through sharing

By Susan C. Hull
Uncover your patients’ full story to keep them engaged in their care
while helping you tailor the care plan to each individual.

Reducing functional decline in hospitalized older adults

By Denise M. Kresevic
For the elderly, hospitals harbor hidden dangers that can lead to functional
decline. Find out how to prevent, detect, and manage these threats.

Get your patients moving—now!

By Amanda Veesart and Alyce S. Ashcraft
Learn about early progressive ambulation protocols that help prevent
blood clots, pneumonia, delirium, and other complications of immobility.

Keeping patients safe from falls and pressure ulcers

By Amy Moore and Rebecca Geist
The authors discuss how to prevent falls, promote skin integrity, and
advocate for policies that prevent “never events.”

How nurses can help reduce hospital readmissions

By Joan M. Nelson and Laura Rosenthal
Starting at admission, you can mitigate patients’ readmission risk
through efficient care coordination, communication, planning,
and education.

A bold move to improve collaboration

By Susan Blackmer Tocco, Darwin K. Clark, MD, and Amy C. DeYoung
Returning to the basics of nursing care doesn’t mean the nurse does
it all. One hospital successfully tapped into collective knowledge
from an interdisciplinary care team.

The essence of nursing

This illustrated, at-a-glance “snapshot” summarizes key


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