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December 2018 Vol. 13 No. 12

More people in the United States are surviving strokes (a very good thing), but with survival comes the increased potential for readmission. How can nurses help patients successfully transition from the hospital to home or another care setting and reduce the chances of readmission? This month’s continuing nursing education article offers some answers, emphasizing that the versatility of nurses’ roles across diverse settings positions them to make a positive impact.

You’ll also find our annual Career Watch guide in this issue, with articles that highlight new cutting-edge career options, advice for achieving certification, and tips for freshening up your resume. You’ll also learn how to embark on a career as a travel nurse or nurse coach. You’ll also want to take a look at the salary survey results from the American Nurse Today 2018 Trends & Salary survey.

Other article topics include cardiotoxicity, prone positioning, and vascular access device securement.

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