May 2013 Vol. 8 No. 5

From your ANA President

Nurses are natural innovators. Let’s recognize our strengths as
innovators and share our ideas on multiple platforms.

Health, safety, & wellness

Planned workplace napping can reduce error risk, increase productivity,
and boost efficiency in healthcare workers.

Introducing the quantum patient

The quantum patient is an indivisible human being whose health
problems might not be healed through traditional specialization.

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Readers Respond

Billing by nursing intensity: One way to ease understaffing? Re: “Hospital nurse staffing for dummies” (March 2013): Perhaps changing how…

The new normal

Welcome to fiscal austerity—the new normal.

Why disruption can be a good thing

Seventy-two seconds into liftoff, a defective mechanical part set off a string of events that caused the Challenger space shuttle…