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May 2018 Vol. 13 No. 5

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Patient violence against nurses and other healthcare professionals is all too common, but it shouldn’t be…and it certainly should never be considered part of your job. In this issue of American Nurse Today, we dedicate an article to the impact of violence against nurses with suggestions for preventing, debriefing, and reporting it. Our focus section this month is technology. One article in this section delves into nonactionable audible alarms that can create alarm fatigue in nurses. Learn how alarm fatigue can affect patient care and how to manage these alarms. The other article in this focus section takes a look at the team (RNs, statisticians, and computer scientists) required to turn big data into new knowledge and improved patient care. Other articles in this issue include the most recent installment from Bernadette Melnyk in her Wellness 101 series (this month is intellectual wellness), a primer on planning and implementing a nursing conference, and advice about coaching (rather than leading) Millennial nurses so they remain with your organization. And this month’s CNE article is on opioid and non-opioid analgesia used during surgery and how to manage patient pain in the postanesthesia care unit.

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