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February 2019 Vol. 14 No. 2

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The good news is that more people are surviving breast cancer. But with survivorship comes long-term treatment effects (fatigue, hot flashes and night sweats, sleep disturbance, sexual dysfunction, weight issues, and fear of recurrence). Nurses can have a real impact on how patients manage those effects and ensure a good quality life. This month’s CNE article provides you with the information you need to deliver the best possible nursing care.
The weather extremes caused by climate change effect everyone, but older adults are especially susceptible to the adverse effects. Through your practice and as an advocate within your community, you can help promote and implement mitigation and prevention efforts. This issue’s article on older adults and climate change offers suggestions about how you can make a difference.
Other articles in this issue cover a variety of clinical (heart failure, atelectasis) and workplace (Generation Z, accountability) topics. And our focus section this month includes two articles on patient safety—safety culture and resilience.

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