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Brain Booster – Summertime Emergencies

Exercise your intellect with this summertime crossword puzzle.

Recognizing a ruptured right bronchial artery

Follow the signs and symptoms to this unusual source of life-threatening bleeding.

Harold & Bill: An enduring portrait of another era

In 1971, I was attending nursing school and working as an emergency department (ED) orderly. One day, two elderly men came to the ED....

Researchers Explore Ways to Curb ED Violence

Experts say registered nurses who work in hospital emergency departments are at greater risk of violence from patients than nurses in other specialties.

Take Note – February 2009

WEB EXCLUSIVE! A monthly round-up of clinical and practice news and alerts.

Recognizing spinal cord compression

For a postoperative laminectomy patient, sudden left-sided weakness and sensation loss warrant a STAT return to the OR.

Managing acute decompensated heart failure

Patients with stable chronic heart failure may suddenly start decompensating. Do you know how to recognize this condition and help avert organ failure?

Improving palliative care and communication in the ICU

Looking for more information on evidence-based practices? Read this first article in a series from the National Institute of Nursing Research.


Our new crossword puzzle test your knowledge of medical emergencies.

Calming a thyroid storm

Saving a patient's life may rest on recognizing which findings are red herrings and which hold the key to the crisis.

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