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January 2018 Vol. 13 No. 1

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This first issue of American Nurse Today in 2018 includes articles on wound care (incontinence-associated dermatitis and care transition), dumping syndrome, the nine dimensions of nurse wellness, and employee engagement. You’ll also learn how to use skin assessment to identify elder abuse and how you can help prevent needlestick injuries during insulin injections. The continuing education article this month focuses on postmenopausal urinary incontinence, including how you can provide a comfortable environment for women to talk about the condition. And look for the special Magnet®-Recognized Organization Stories section, which includes the 2017 winners of the National Magnet Nurse of the Year®.

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menopause and sleep problems

Menopause and Sleep Problems

Data shows that sleep disturbances increase in prevalence during the menopausal transition, with the most common complaint being nighttime awakenings. Take our quick three-question survey...