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guilt suicide prevention family relatives blame helpless death

From our readers: The guilt suicide leaves behind

Dedicated to John, who was loved by so many

From our readers: Novice to expert—a nurse educator’s personal journey

Like new nurses, faculty move through various steps to become “experts.” Here is one teacher’s experience.

From our readers: ABC’s of evidence-based practice

A simple mnemonic can serve as a guide for the process of evidence-based practice.

Our Readers Respond

No drugs down the drain In approximately 2008 I wrote my final paper in BSN community health on this environmental issue. I am delighted to...
value skills nurse career job transition

From our readers…Value all your skills

Anyone who’s been a nurse for more than 10 years will agree with me: you can make big leaps from specialty to specialty and...
clinical research career

Readers Respond

Consider a career in clinical research Thank you so much for the Ness, et al. article “Consider a career in clinical research” in the November...
From our readers…Lights, camera, action—and don’t giggle! nurse

From our readers…Lights, camera, action—and don’t giggle!

The author shares the rewards of creating a video about what telephone triage nurses do.

From our readers…Negative effects of shackling pregnant incarcerated women

The author advocates for more respectful treatment of pregnant women who are incarcerated.
inclusion loop newsletter team

From our readers: The making of a newsletter

When I was working as an ICU nurse on the evening shift, I could tell you what was happening on my unit and with...
nurse teach teaching learn

From our readers…What bedside nurses can teach nursing leaders

Five years ago, while working in leadership I had a pivotal conversation with my superior regarding the need to "stop thinking like a bedside...

Readers Respond

More on civility I have rarely responded with a note to the editor, but just want to thank you for the excellent article in the...

From our readers…Are you prepared for a mass casualty event?

Take a self-assessment to determine if you are ready and take action to increase your preparedness.

Our Readers Respond

Break the bullying cycle I read with great interest the article "Break the bullying cycle" in the January 2012 edition of American Nurse Today. Terri...

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Pregnant woman drinking coffee

Cup of Coffee Can Lessen Gestational Diabetes Risk

Pregnant mothers concerned about being able to safely enjoy their morning cup of coffee should be reassured by a recent University of Pennsylvania study...