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nurse suicide breaking silence

Nurse suicide: Breaking the silence

More research and awareness are needed. The recent sudden deaths of fashion designer Kate Spade and TV host Anthony Bourdain have propelled the topic of suicide...
importance advocacy voice matters

The importance of advocacy: Your voice matters

Reflections from a day on the hill. On June 21, 2018, 277 nurses from 45 states unified their voices into one and “took the hill.”...
improving patient safety care

Improving patient safety wherever care occurs

Nurses, providers, and pharmacists collaborate to improve patient safety. By Lillee Gelinas, MSN, RN, CPPS, FAAN Patient safety is critical to quality care. Since the publication...

Workplace violence: A nurse tells her story

It’s not okay, and it is a big deal. By Lillee Gelinas, MSN, RN, CPPS, FAAN “Personal boundary violation is not part of our job description....
sparking change nursing ant

Sparking change in nursing

Successful change requires new skills and levels of understanding. I recently spent an invigorating day with several nurses and clinical leaders from a diverse group...
heritage future celebrate nursing

Our heritage, our future: Why we celebrate nursing

The global community stands together to honor nursing’s important role. Every year, someone asks, “Why single out nurses for a weeklong celebration? Every profession should...
patient safety awareness week

Patient Safety Awareness Week

Shining a light on a public health crisis Each year, an important event is nationally recognized but frequently overshadowed by our busy lives: Patient Safety...
metoo nurse ant

What #MeToo means for nurses

The #MeToo movement has taken the world by storm, and many say it’s been a long time coming. The New York Times revelation last fall seemed shocking at the time—famed Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein was accused by multiple women of sexual misconduct in what appeared to be an alleged pattern of psychological manipulation and strategic harassment spanning decades. Apparently, some victims were paid for their silence. Most reactions I heard about the “Weinstein phenomena” from news reporters and colleagues agreed about one key point: It was wrong.
lillee gelinas

Do salary surveys matter?

Research shows that hospitals with better nurse staffing and work environments have better outcomes. For you, that means less burnout, more job satisfaction, and less desire to quit your job. But how does your salary fit in? Researchers are trying to understand how salary, work environment, and staffing levels work together to influence nurse-related outcomes.

Fraud alert

The predatory journal explosion over the past few years has now infiltrated the conference arena. You should know how to recognize a legitimate conference versus a bogus one. Your time, professional growth goals, and monetary resources are all precious commodities that can be easily exploited by unscrupulous organizers of programs that, on the surface, appear legitimate but are actually a sham.
hurricane season harvey ant

What I learned during the 2017 hurricane season

I watched with great pain the damage, and for many the devastation, created by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. I was reliving August 29, 2005, when Hurricane Katrina destroyed my hometown and changed normalcy for my family forever. Twenty-six of my New Orleans family members—stripped of incomes, homes, schools, familiar medical and dental services, normal daily schedules, and social networks—called our Southlake, TX, home their home for many months.

Characteristics of nursing excellence

What’s behind Magnet®-recognized organizations? By Lillee Gelinas, MSN, RN, CPPS, FAAN I've learned a lot through the years about the characteristics of healthcare organizations whose nursing excellence...

It’s alarming – Nurse Fatigue

Have you become desensitized to alarms? I stepped onto an elevator with three other people, their eyes glued to their phones. Just as the doors...

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