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Pressure mapping: A new path to pressure-ulcer prevention

Pressure mapping shows you high risk areas, so you can take steps to help prevent pressure ulcers.

Workplace programs promote healthy behaviors

Workplace health promotion programs are an efficient approach to improving the health of a relatively large group of individuals because worksite interventions are more...

Therapeutic storytelling in nursing practice

Storytelling is a useful way to promote holistic care. The next time your patient shows poor coping ability, you might want to ask him to tell a story about what he's experiencing.

Healing our hazardous environment

Environmental pollution threatens our homes, workplaces, and communities. So what can you do? This article will tell you.

Handling with care: The bariatric patient

Technological advances, special equipment, and screening algorithms help healthcare facilities and nurses meet the needs of bariatric patients while reducing worker injury.

Body contouring: Shaping the future of patients with an obese past

Massive weight loss leaves lots of excess skin. See how plastic surgery can help.

Knowing “your numbers” counts: ANA campaign urges nurses to promote healthy blood pressure

ANA's healthy blood pressure campaign targets both consumers and nurses.

CMA Lobbyists plan to protect nurses, patients, and public from harmful chemicals.

By Angela Song As the new U.S. Congress convenes this January, the ANA will present our legislative agenda with a noted advantage. Through the combined...
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Take Note – December 2006

CDC recommends HIV screening for everyone New recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) call for routine human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) screening...

The science of skin peels

Learn how slathering a chemical solution over the face or abrading it with a stream of crystals rejuvenates the skin. This article takes you under the skin surface and walks you through the steps of a superficial skin peel.