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Severe hypoglycemia leads to a seizure

The team scrambles to save a patient with diabetes.
Managing atrioventricular blocks

Polymyalgia rheumatica: A possible cause of pericardial effusion

Suspect polymyalgia in patients who continue to decline after treatment for pericardial effusion.

What Works: Improving documentation of restraints in the neuro ICU

Learn how one unit implemented their project, including outcomes and how to overcome barriers.

Study: Delayed transfer to ICU increases mortality risk

A study that will be presented at the ATS 2013 International Conference has found that delayed transfer to the ICU in patients who are...

Stopping a seizure in a pregnant patient

The rapid response team works quickly to try to prevent fetal injury.

Post-intensive care syndrome: What it is and how to help prevent it

ICU stays can cause physical and cognitive problems for years after discharge. Find out how to improve patient outcomes.

Post-concussive syndrome: What patients and providers need to know

Patients with traumatic brain injuries can suffer from this syndrome for months or even years after injury.

Study: Patients needing mental health care linger in EDs

A new study from the Foundation for Healthy Communities highlights the challenges of ensuring patients in the emergency department (ED) who have mental health...

Study: ED charges vary widely

Authors of a study published by PLoS ONE found wide variations in emergency department (ED) charges in patients who paid out of pocket and...

Fending off disaster for a frostbite victim

Without effective treatment, more than 40% of frostbite victims require digital amputation. Can Jonathan’s toes be saved?

Stemming the rising tide of acute kidney injury

By obtaining a thorough history and conducting a careful assessment, you can help patients avoid this condition.

Study: Older adults with TBI admitted on weekends have higher mortality

Older adults (mean age 78 years) with traumatic brain injury (TBI) who are admitted to the hospital on weekends have 14% greater odds of...

Improving patient education with Health Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

Learn how this tool helped an ICU analyze and correct flaws in its patient-education process

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