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Be a coach for novice nurses

The transition from the educational setting to the practice setting can be intimidating. Make it easier by guiding novice nurses.

Plan a career, not just a job

Through focused soul-searching, you can create a more fulfilling and enriching career. The author tells how to brainstorm to find the nursing career that really floats your boat.

Energize your career with the forces of magnetism

Is a Magnet facility for you? Explore the benefits.
retail clinic

Retail-based clinics: New option for nurses

Someone who feels ill has two options: He can call his physician’s office and make an appointment—maybe for the same day, maybe not. Then,...
commitment service graduate

Why must I make a service commitment?

During my senior year of nursing school, I tried to do everything right to prepare for my first nursing job. I thought I understood...
job career love dislike learn

Learning to love your job

The alarm clock goes off too early, and you jump-start the day with a cup of coffee and a short stack of reasons why...
travel nurse rn benefits hire hospital agency

Travel nursing: Is it right for you?

A number of readers have written us with questions about travel nursing. For answers to these questions, we turned to an expert in the...

Ace that interview!

Tips on making the right impression.
business dine dining etiquette

Blunder-free business meals: A guide to dining etiquette

When you think of essential business skills, knowing where to put your napkin when excusing yourself from the table may not come to mind....
speaking speak public fear phobia glossophobia

The power of one voice

Dizziness, profuse sweating, a gnawing sensation in the pit of your stomach. Are these symptoms of the latest virus? No—they’re classic indications of glossophobia,...
bully survive target blame confront support power

How to survive a bully

Have you run into a bully at work? Unfortunately, chances are good that you have. Bullying has become all too common in nursing. In my...

Do you need a business card?

The author's answers to five questions will tell you why you need a card and how to use it effectively.
outfit nurse clothes attire work

How do you look?

Recently, I rushed to the emergency department (ED) at my local hospital to meet a relative who’d been taken there by ambulance. When I...

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For Nurse Practitioners

NP taking pregnant woman's blood pressure

AHA: It’s Safe to Treat High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

High blood pressure during pregnancy can present significant risks to mother and child, but practitioners have sometimes be hesitant to prescribe blood pressure medication...