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One hospital’s “peanutty” path to Magnet designation

Find out how a peanut-butter taste test taught staff nurses about the research process.

Create a great work culture

For a successful leader, establishing the right environment isn't part of the job. It is the job.

Magnet journey creates parallel paths

Discover how the road to nursing excellence can also improve other departments.

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How preparation paved the way to success

Helping nurses to achieve nursing excellence

The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), a subsidiary of the American Nurses Association, provides individuals and organizations throughout the nursing profession with the resources...

Modifying the Magnet model: The shape of things to come

The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) rolls out a new model for its Magnet Recognition Program.

Modifying the Magnet model: The shape of things to come

Learn about the next-generation model for the Magnet Recognition Program.
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Tme magnetic matrix: Building blocks of Magnet™ hospitals

Even during a nursing shortage, building magnetism into a healthcare environment promotes better patient outcomes, lower mortality rates, and higher patient satisfaction. Although Magnet™...

Nursing research sheds light on key nursing-care values

Formulating a philosophy of patient-care delivery helped a nursing department prepare for Magnet redesignation.

What can Magnet do for you?

The Magnet Recognition Program identifies healthcare facilities committed to nursing excellence.

Energize your career with the forces of magnetism

Is a Magnet facility for you? Explore the benefits.

Spotlight on nurse staffing, autonomy, and control over practice

This article kicks off our series that examines the distinguishing traits of Magnet hospitals and discusses strategies that can make healthcare facilities more "magnetic."

Attaining Magnet status

The authors explain the program that has brought Magnet success to seven hospitals - so far.