…And now shall we have CLASS war in the USA?

…And now shall we have CLASS war in the USA? George Santayana said, “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” And perhaps for those who live in a nation, the majority of whose citizens are not

‘Tis the season

Here it is, another holiday season is upon us. One can feel it in the air. The colored lights on…

‘Uniformity’ in nursing: It’s about time…again.

June’s guest, Donna Cardillo, MA, RN, looks at the trend of consistent uniform colors for nurses.In case you haven’t heard, there is a national movement underway to have hospital nurses wear a “uniform” scrub color unique to that facility. This

15th time’s a charm!

The December 2016 Gallop Poll announced that once again, nurses were rated the highest for honesty and ethics among professions…
A congress of baboons

A congress of baboons?

 Yesterday, I received one of those chain e-mails that seem to touch on the truth and strike the funny bone

A curmudgeon guide to healthcare reform

Curmudgeons’ reputation for malevolence is undeserved. They’re neither warped nor evil at heart. They don’t hate mankind—just mankind’s absurdities. What follows is a curmudgeon’s response to the various absurdities currently circulating about healthcare reform circa 2009.

A nurse’s plea to the people

It’s a sunny spring day in Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city. It is a city, country I have grown to…
roe vs. wade

A whole lot better than good enough!

Progressives are bent out of shape because the newest version of healthcare reform from the House, unveiled on Thursday, doesn’t go far enough because the public option has been watered down.

A wound care patient

Editor’s note: This is an excerpt from the book Nursing Is Caring, by Beverly Wheeler, MSN, RN, ACNS-BC, clinical assistant…

Adapting leads to outcomes

In our efforts to bring about effective change to our workplace processes, too often we overlook ourselves as the reason…

Addressing the nurse faculty shortage

Every year across the United States, qualified nursing student applicants are turned away from entering nursing programs secondary to the…

American Nurse Today wins 3 prestigious ASHPE awards

The entire team at American Nurse Today, the official journal of the American Nurses Association, is honored to again be recognized by the American Society of Healthcare Publication Editors (ASHPE) with the receipt of three awards—gold, silver, and bronze. In

American Nurse Today Wins Two ASHPE Award

American Nurse Today, the
official journal of the American Nurses Association (ANA), today
announced that its June 2009 cover, Autism
, has been named “Best Cover
by the American Society of Healthcare Publication Editors (ASHPE).


Stating that the hours residents work is “an abuse of patient
trust,” patient safety expert Lucian Leape has attacked the new limits
on first-year residents’ shifts set by the Accreditation Council for
Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).

An issue nurses can’t avoid

I am sure each of us has our own opinion about insurance coverage for contraception and abortion. And as health professionals, many of us undoubtedly will be dealing on several levels with patients and the public on this issue. So perhaps, a reprise of the basic issue is in order

And now we go to debate

The Senate made history Saturday evening at 8 PM, November 21, 2009. It voted to open debate on H.R. 3590, its $848 billion healthcare reform bill.

Angels don’t always have wings

Angels are generally thought of as having wings and appear quietly, but on October 1, 2017, hundreds of angels descended…

Are 12 hour shifts safe?

12-hour shifts have become the norm in hospitals and most nurses love them. One can work 3 days and have 4 days off, there is one less major shift change to contend with, and patients have fewer names and faces to get acclimated to in a 24-hour period.

Art: A healing tool for nurses

Art relics have been found in remains of the earliest human civilizations—from the paintings in caves, carved stones, and clay…

Attitude is everything

Growing up I heard a lot about the importance of a good attitude and a strong work ethic. As a…

Be prepared for anything

Hurry up and wait. It’s the expression used in the emergency department (ED) to explain the frustration patients experience waiting…

Bioidentical Hormones And Compounding Drug Deaths

The current tragic situation regarding contaminated compounded steroid injections causing stroke and death should alert women to the danger of using mass produced compounded bioidentical hormones as a menopause therapy.

Chock-full of new ideas?

Albert Einstein once said, “The only sure way to avoid making mistakes is to have no new ideas.”

Cooling The Hot Flashes

Women are either lucky or unlucky when it comes to the hallmark symptom of the menopause

Does higher education lure nurses away from the bedside?

June’s guest, Donna Cardillo, MA, RN looks at higher
education and whether it lures nurses away from the bedside. There is a widespread belief among nurses that once a nurse has a BSN or MSN, he or she will no longer want to work at the bedside. In other words, the degreed nurse will not want to “dirty” his

Don’t take out your hankies yet!

It is said that the famous English statesman Benjamin Disraeli countered his opponents’ claim that “Figures do not lie” with, “There are three kinds of lies lies, damned lies, and statistics”.

Don’t just do it

It’s not enough to motivate people by telling them to “just do it”. Greatness isn’t an accident, and it doesn’t…

Donning an identity

Do the clothes nurses wear at work define their identity as a professional? Currently, the traditional white uniform is rarely…

Downtime: The time to nurse

Not long ago, I walked down a hospital corridor of a medical-surgical unit and found all the work stations on…

Duck or swan?

A conversation with colleagues that addressed cultural challenges and the need for more cultural awareness prompted this blog. Many of…

Find your unicorn—be your own unicorn

Traditionally, nursing schools use an apprentice model for educating future nurses. The traditional learning system casts student nurses as being…

First-day jitters

Thoughts crash in my mind, like a storm brewing in an endless sea of desolation fueled by anxiety and fear.…

Get over it!

Okay, so you are angry about the shameless slicing and dicing of healthcare reform legislation–angry about the inane so-called debate and the blatant lies and fear mongering; angry about the dithering of corrupt senators and the waffling of the Obama administration; angry about the death of the public option and the inordinate influence of a few either ignorant or corrupt neo-Democratic senators and the whole Republican minority who care more for ideology than the welfare of the American people.

Grandpop’s Hat Isn’t Crooked Anymore

Not long ago I traveled a few blocks to visit my daughter. It was a warm day, the windows were open. I knocked a few times but no one answered. I opened the door to look in. There was my

Gratitude to those who trust us

There is a ritual in medical schools to hold a memorial service to honor those who have donated their bodies…

Has the Public Option Been Opted Out?

This weekend radically changed the great health reform debate of 2009. With President Obama abandoning the “public plan” option, many on the left think that all that will come out of this “sound and fury” is a little more (okay,

Health Care Reform: Americans WANT a Public Option!

A new Daily Kos/Research 2000 poll (taken September 29 through October 1, 2009) found a majority of Americans prefer that Congress pass a Democrat-only health care bill that includes a public option over a bipartisan bill that does not.

Health policy in nursing education

“We have to solve the access issues in healthcare. We can’t decrease healthcare disparities if people don’t have access to…

Healthcare reform act: Who gets paid how for what

As healthcare
providers (including physicians and advanced
practice nurses [APNs]) evaluate healthcare reform’s various payment
they need to assess the impact these changes will make on who
gets paid, how they
get paid, and how much they get paid
for doing which things.

Helping hands of nurses

In the Army I learned what it meant to never give up as well as what it meant to succeed.…

Here we go again!

 Few things make people grouchier than change, which may well explain why so many people working in healthcare delivery today are so crabby. Just ask any patient. Change has come so fast and so furiously it literally came in one

Hoisted on their own

Hegel once said,
“The only thing we learn from history is that we never learn from history.”

How to be well

What is good health? The absence of disease? What is wellness? The ability to function optimally? These are some of…

I could never do that job

This picture is just a small example of what also happens in a pediatric hospital. My child’s three year battle…

I dreamed a dream

Ten years ago, an eccentric individual stepped on the stage of Britain’s Got Talent to chase a dream of being…
The nursing profession’s potential impact on policy and politics

I’ll bill you

Mrs. Anderson is a well-spoken, poised black woman with a flawless face. She is surrounded by silk-encased pillows and is…

I’m Not Hungry!

Is it one of life’s little tricks that ultimately places you at the table with a beloved parent who is barely touching – or consuming – their food?

ICU delirium by proxy

In the intensive care unit (ICU), patients and families learn coping mechanisms to deal with stressful events and potential changes…

Is Menopause Bad For Your Health?

Here is a promised summary of what really can happen to the body as a result of menopause. This comes from the established scientific literature; so do not shoot the messenger

Is nursing a profession or a job?

Is nursing a profession or a job?

February’s guest, Donna Cardillo, MA, RN looks into
Nursing as a profession and not just a job. I recently read an article on the web where the nurse author’s stated intent was to “enlighten” future and prospective nurses to the “harsh realities” of the profession. The piece listed things like the physicality of the job, the necessity of doing shift work, and a proclamation that nursing is not a profession but just a job. Holy encephalopathy, Batman! Are we still having this conversation?



It is time to be presidential

At his news conference on Wednesday, President Obama at least gave lip service to bipartisanship and compromise.

Keeping it simple

Given the fast pace of nursing work environments, implementing innovative ideas or processes in clinical settings can be challenging. This…

Launching yourself in nursing leadership

Editor’s note: At American Nurse Today, we believe every nurse can be a leader. This article is the first in what will be occasional guest blogs by Rose O. Sherman, founder of the Emerging RN Leader blog ( In addition to her guest blogs, Rose will contribute articles on a regular basis to help nurses achieve their leadership potential.

Leading innovation

In April of 2019, I had the privilege of attending the ANA Quality and Innovation Conference where Inspiren, the healthcare…


About 5% of women will have their primary emotional and sexual relationship with other women.

Life Is A Journey

Three and a half years ago a tremendous change occurred in my life. While at the shore, I collapsed with a massive brain hemorrhage. I went from enjoying an active life to having serious, life threatening problems. I had to

Listen up! This IS important!

In the midst of the elections, all the hoopla, and the threats to repeal health reform, I am afraid we’ll miss something really important.

Making Retirement Fulfilling

Retirement can be difficult for men and women for a number of reasons. Many believe that their self worth is directly related to their career. Then upon retirement such hobbies as golf, traveling, painting, etc. while helping to fulfill many

Medication Madness

The combined number of pill bottles on my parents’ nightstand totaled 28 when laid end to end. That did not include any repeats – but represented the sum of all the heart

Meds Questions? Just Ask!

If you have ever had occasion to find yourself in the hospital for any length of time, chances are a pharmacist reviewed the medications you were taking at some point during your stay. Of course, you or your family members

loneliness epidemic old man

Men and Menopause – Is There An Andropause?

What happens to men in middle age? While the Bible described life expectancy as “three score years and ten” and half of 70 years would have meant middle age starts at 35, modern life expectancy for men is longer. Middle age can be more accurately said to start at between 40 and 45


Mental illness and addiction

If you have a mental illness, you may be at greater risk for both substance abuse and addiction. If you…

Mindful speaking

As nurses we deliver crucial care to patients. We help to support families in times of distress, welcome new life…

More than just machines

Over the past couple of years, I’ve written a lot about the various parts and pieces that make up safe…


Often referred to as the “godfather of menopause”, Wulf Utian, a reproductive endocrinologist and gynecologist, started the world’s first center dedicated to menopause research in Cape Town, South Africa, co-founded the International Menopause Society (IMS), and founded both The North American Menopause Society (NAMS) and the Council of Affiliated Menopause Societies (CAMS), all multidisciplinary scientific organizations.

Myths about being a new nurse

During my 8 years as an RN, I’ve had the opportunity to precept several nurses and student nurses. After the…

New Year’s Resolutions, Old Year reflections

January 1 has come and gone, and you know what that means. People are vowing to lose weight, become more organized, exercise more, be more patient, eat better, and ________ (fill in your own resolution).

The nursing profession’s potential impact on policy and politics

Not ‘just a nurse’

It’s just another day for just another nurse as I make my way through the busy corridors of this sprawling…

Now Will You Believe That Postmenopausal Hormone Therapy Is Safe?

For the past several month’s I have been working with Society for Women’s Health Research (SWHR) and a panel of 18 research scientists, clinicians and leading medical program directors uniquely qualified to provide recommendations in the areas of menopause symptoms, Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and cancer

Nurses: It’s time to march!

While many professions may look back at their inception and theories in awe at how vastly they differ from present…

Nursing’s Future

Quite some time ago, I uploaded a photograph of myself for the Johnson & Johnson’s Campaign for Nursing’s Future Mosiac. 

Nursing’s future: The door has opened but are we prepared to enter?

As the world around us changes, the demographics and health care
needs of the population are evolving and costs continue to escalate out
of control. As a result, the healthcare system in the US is reinventing
itself in significant ways to meet the needs of current and future

Once more unto the breach

  In Shakespeare’s Henry V (act III, scene I), King Henry, faced with overwhelming force, urges his soldiers forward

Only You Know What Is Right For You

Sometimes you have to take charge of your health problem. For example, I was once diagnosed with a rotator cuff problem and the orthopedic surgeon wanted to operate. I decided not to have the operation. Instead, I started a series


 The direct relationship between failing ovarian function and an increase in bone loss and fractures was one of the earliest observations in the history of the science of endocrinology.


How frequently do you think eye conditions are discussed during menopause-related consultations

Pathway to innovation

Imagine you’ve been trying to get a child to sleep for the past 2 hours. You have tried many strategies,…

Patience: An antidote to despair

Some say having patience is a good thing. Ambrose Bierce defined patience as “a minor form of despair disguised as…

Premium Hikes Resuscitate the Public Option?

the public option faded—and was declared dead by most—the phenomenon of
insurers pricing their policies beyond what consumers can afford took off like
a jet!

Protect your nursing license

Upon graduation, nurses are expected to uphold professional standards, guidelines, and principles from the American Nurses Association (ANA). It’s paramount…


As the clock slowly pushed toward three o’clock, motionless hands grinding the gears that perpetuate the workday stood as a…

Rescuing nursing theory

I recently spent one summer working as a clinical instructor in a course that required 12-hour experiences on a very…


This time of the year is a busy time in the gym as most Americans find themselves replete with goals…

Revitalizing the Vagina

If only everything else in the body was so simple to treat as the vagina. Despite this good news, just too many women remain ignorant about the options and fail to address the subject with their clinicians


Human sexual behavior has come under the eye of medical scientists, and nowadays sex-related problems get diagnosed into specific categories.

Shall we Privatize Medicare?

<p>At the point, I simply do not know what to say about the budget debate – but this much is certain it’s not about money so much as it is ideology That being said, let’s wade right into the debate

She Did It!

My mother has been in her new home for just over a year. She was among the first residents of a brand new assisted living facility, just a stone’s throw from the “homestead” where she raised her children

Standardization creates limitations

In today’s nursing practice, varying opinions about how to best implement safe patient handling (SPH) programs exist. Some nurses offer…

Staying current on the basics

Having been a registered nurse for almost 10 years, I’ve been fortunate to have only been a patient for the…


Suffering is an ephemeral state. Not physical pain exclusively but also the mental state that accompanies pain of all degrees.…

Super committee’s failure affects us all

It was difficult to believe Congress could do more to tarnish its already sad, do-nothing reputation. But the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction

Supporting the next generation

The greatest impact on who we become as nurses evolves from the transition from nursing school to graduate nurse, a…

Supreme Court Upholds the Affordable Care Act

The Supreme Court today upheld key provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), but there are still many uncertainties for hospital executives. Two key pieces are apparent even now

The 10-Mile, $1000 Ambulance Trip

Last October, I finally faced the fact that my beloved father’s life was ending. He was over 96. He had just suffered several major seizures which hospitalized and seriously incapacitated him.  He had advanced malignant tumors in the brain and


 Last week I opened the discussion on menopause by addressing demographics. This week I want us to consider what an aging population means in terms of changes in housing requirements, land use, medical care, recreational facilities, rehabilitation centers, retirement, health

The memory of all that

There is no telling when, but they percolate into my head unsummoned, like a musical worm whose melody you cannot…


In my opening blogs I have hoped that you would accept my observation that the menopause was a critical time in a women’s life cycle

The regurgitated young

The image displayed above depicts an inexperienced, light-hearted, eager nursing student.  I will never forget the day this picture was taken…
The Snugli story

The Snugli story

Ann Moore with baby in Snugli. My journey, post-graduation from the University of Cincinnati took me to New York City…

The sound(?) and the fury

A few of my nursing friends and I were headed to Carowinds, an amusement park in Charlotte, North Carolina, for…


 In my last blog I promised to explain the impact of menopause-related hormonal changes on body organs and tissues by addressing the critical question –“What really are the true effects of menopause?”

The vital role of health literacy

Healthcare professionals should know that most, if not all, patients have low health literacy, according to The Joint Commission. The…

Time: A nurse’s friend or foe?

Seneca the Younger, a Roman philosopher from the first century noted, “It’s not that we have little time, but that…

To complain or not to complain…

It always begins innocently, doesn’t it? “I’m just venting,” you think to yourself. But the more it goes on, the…


 Hot flashes and night sweats, after menstrual irregularity, are the most common symptoms of menopause, and can be the most disruptive and disabling. I call these vasomotor symptoms the symptom of theories, because despite all our efforts, we simply do

Understanding moral disagreement

Moral disagreement can be painful and involve deeply held beliefs. This combination may lead to conflict and even more disagreement—as…

Understanding the “Blue Dog” Democrats

Blue Dog Democrats are dragging their paws…And Blue Dog, Rep. Jim Cooper of Tennessee, is leading the pack in its “in your face” opposition to Speaker Pelosi’s determination to move healthcare legislation quickly. The Blue Dogs’ clout arises from the

Vital importance of immunizations

As a nurse and new mother, there’s one topic that seems to be at the forefront of many conversations. Immunizations.…

Vote it up or down, but do not let it just die!

the 25th  is an
important day for health reform. The President threw down a gauntlet to Congress:
Stop complaining, stop the pork, and come up with a health plan for the USA.

Wake up and smell the opportunities

When someone asked Edward Everett Hale, the first chaplain of the United
States Senate, if he prayed for the Senators, he said, “No sir. I look
at the Senators and pray for the public!

What could derail healthcare reform

 While I am anything but happy with the Senate’s healthcare reform bill (The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act), it certainly is better than the status quo. It would end the insurance practice of rescission, which retroactively cancels your insurance when you get sick.

What my students taught me about civility

“Nursing students have a responsibility to model civility and encourage respectful social discourse. Collaborating with faculty and taking a leadership…

What some people didn’t learn in school

Editor’s Note: Welcome to the first blog from Nancy Brent. As a nurse attorney, Nancy brings a special perspective to the issues facing today’s nurses. 

What’s a rapid triage assessment?

What’s a rapid triage assessment?

Five patients arrive simultaneously into the emergency department (ED) waiting room. Who will you see first? Who will go straight…

Whats happening on the Hill?

I can’t think of a time when so many people in health care have watched so closely what’s happening on Capital Hill in regard to healthcare services. Here’s a short rundown, with more to follow. Below are the most immediate

When it rains, it pours

Murphy’s Law says that if something can go wrong, it will. There is nothing to prepare an individual for the…

When nurses experience loss

Nursing is a job where exposure to grief and loss may be a frequent occurrence. The nurse is challenged with…

Why can’t we get along?

In her latest blog, Nancy Brent discusses the challenges of support and collaboration among nurses.

Working in rhythm

There are two things that I have often thought to be consistent with modern day nursing program’s focus of emphasis:…

Working within the parameters

Safe patient handling (SPH) is a much-needed solution to address widespread injuries occurring among nurses performing patient care. Injuries that…

Working-out or lifting patients

As I prepare for my evening workout at the gym today, it’s more than likely that I will use weights…

Your choice but staff’s voice

It’s common for those who see demonstrations of mechanical patient-lift equipment to praise them as excellent tools.But when it comes…

Your injury, your fault?

Ok, so let’s be honest, you were injured on your nursing job because you didn’t follow proper procedural techniques right?…

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